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Shawn McBride - Instructor

My name is Shawn McBride. I have been drawn to public service all my life. At the age of eight, I joined the Boy Scouts of America and that is where I first became interested in first aid. Our troop met in the local fire department, so you could say that at an early age I was completely surrounded by those passionate about public safety. Later, I joined the military to serve my country and after leaving I continued to serve my community by working as a full time firefighter/first responder. As my career continued with the fire department, I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The opportunity was presented to me to start a career in law enforcement as well as in firefighting. So I accepted the challenge and discovered what it truly means to serve in multiple capacities.

No matter what role I was in, medical response always played a huge part of my public service. After moving to the island of Oahu, I became an instructor for the state mandated public security certification to train and lead men and women responsible for public safety. I draw from the wealth of experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years and hope you benefit from this course.

I hope everyone enjoys this instructional series. I was honored when asked to narrate such an important informational tool. It's not a matter of if an emergency will take place but when it will take place and will you know what to do? My goal is to provide you with the minimal skills and confidence that is needed to help in a real world emergency.


Shawn McBride

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